Best Tehran Hotels and Where to Stay - The Crowded Planet (2023)

Looking for the best hotels in Tehran? If so, you're in the right place! Read on to find out where to stay in the Iranian capital, including the best neighborhoods to suit your needs!

Since 2014, the number of tourists visiting Iran has been steadily increasing. On the one hand, this is excellent news for such a misunderstood country, on the othermade it difficult to book accommodation.In season and during Iranian holidays, e.gNowruz, Persian New YearHeld on March 21, the best hotels in Tehran and beyond are booked months in advance.

There are many different places to stay in Tehran.– you can choose from historical hotels, business hotels, guesthouses, private accommodation, hostels and luxury hotels, depending on what you are looking for.

However,availability of rooms in Tehranand other cities is not growing as fast as the flow of tourists. As a result, it can be difficult to find a place to stay when visiting during busy periods. Do not forgetBook a hotel in Tehranonce you decide on a route!

In addition,finding the right neighborhood to stay in Tehranit will probably be a huge task. The city is absolutely huge and the different neighborhoods offer very different experiences.

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OtherA big problem for foreigners going to Iran are hotel reservations.Due to international sanctions, it is not possible to use international platforms such as It may seem impossible to book a hotel in Tehran or anywhere else in two clicks, but it is possible!

1st Quest is the first online portal that offers not only the possibility of booking hotels throughout Iran, but also visas, insurance and transfers. Take a look at ourshow to book hotels in Iran Postto learn more about the 1st Mission!

In this article, we collectall the best hotels in Tehran divided by districtso you can book the perfect one for you.

If you are looking for accommodation close to Tehran's main tourist attractions, close to shopping, or looking for a hotel close to the city's best nightlife, I hopehere you will find your hotel in Tehran!

Where to stay in Tehran for the first time - District 12

Where to Stay in Tehran for Nightlife - District 6

Where to Stay in Tehran on a Budget - District 7

Where to stay in Tehran with kids - District 2 and Tehran North

Hotels in Tehran near the airport

Tehran is a huge city and its traffic will drive you crazy. It is known to be A'ugly'place and that's whymany travelers try to leave as soon as possible.

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In my opinion, Tehran is really nice and worth spending a few days there. For more details check out my post -5 things to do in Tehran and why you shouldn't miss itand if you travel more often in Iran, check out oursShiraz Travel Guide!

In any case,even if you decide to spend as little time as possible in Tehran, you are practically forced to spend at least a night or two as most flights to and from Iran land in the middle of the night. Since you're there, you might as well make the most of it!

The best places to stay in Tehran

In addition to being the capitalTehran is also the largest city in Iran.where 14 million people live. The city is divided into 22 municipalities, which are divided into different districts.

The most convenient and closest area to many attractions is the 12th district in the heart of the city.If this is your first visit to Tehran, or if you have children and don't want to travel a lot by subway,District 12 is by far the best option for you.

In this guide, we'll take a look at itbest hotels and neighborhoods in Tehran, including District 12, but also others.

Where to stay in Tehran for the first time - District 12

District 12 is from Tehran"historical center". It is the heart of the capital and the place where the city has grown. Here you will findgreater concentration of historical objectsincluding churches, mosques, as well as large plazas and museums.

Take the subway to Imam Khomeini Square, right in the center of District 12, and from there you can start exploring the city.Grand Covered Bazaarit's located right here, stretches for a few blocks, and vendors sell everything you can imagine.

It's one ofthe liveliest (and most crowded!) areas of the city, with many restaurants and cafes, as well as historical sites and cultural institutions. Every tourist visiting Tehran for the first time should put District 12 at the top of their list.“where to stay in Tehran”list - now let's look at the best hotels!

Best Hotels in Tehran, District 12

4 starsInternational Grand Hotel Ferdowsicertainly worth mentioning as one of the best hotels in Tehran. It offers spacious and comfortable rooms, a conference room, a restaurant, a gym and 24-hour wireless Internet access.

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North of Imam Khomeini Square and in the heart of the city, the hotel is within walking distance of the Grand Bazaar, Golestan Palace and the Jewelery Museum.There is nothing more convenient!

Another good choice isGolestan Hotel. More specifically, it's not exactly District 12, but District 11, just a few steps away. It is a small family run hotel offering comfortable rooms and excellent value for money.

It also offers a range of other services such as laundry, taxi services and a restaurant. This is the best option forbudget conscious peoplewho don't want to give up a bit of comfort!

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Another budget accommodation worth considering isHostel Heritage Teerã. It's one ofthe biggest hostels in the city, with dormitories and private rooms. Each bunk bed has its own privacy curtains, individual locker, power socket and reading light. It also has a mini-bar, kitchen, laundry room and lounge.

Our best budget choicehe is handsomeHotel Iran Markazi. The rooms are nice and clean, the staff very friendly and breakfast is free.

Where to Stay in Tehran for Nightlife - District 6

Tehran District 6 is one ofthe oldest districts of the cityand is very close to the city center, just north of District 12.

also this districtthe campus of the University of Tehranwith numerous faculties and dormitories, which makes it one of the most important student centers in Iran, as well as the seat of Amir Kabir University, one of the most important technical universities in Iran.

The reason is the large university population'Laid back'atmosphere and plenty of cafes and restaurants, perfect for spending time day and night. District 6 iswhere should you stay if you want to experience Tehran's nightlife.

But remember thisnightlife in Tehran is a bit differentcompared to the West where alcohol is forbidden! Instead of going to bars, Tehran people spend their evenings in cafes, restaurants, art galleries and parks.

In District 6 you will also findlovely district of Iranshahrwhere you'll find a wide range of hotels, hostels, apartments and B&Bs to suit travelers of all ages, styles and budgets.

Best Hotels in Tehran, District 6

In district 6 you will findone of the best hotel in Tehran, oHotel Espinas Khalij Fars, a luxurious 5-star hotel with spacious rooms and suites equipped with all amenities.

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To beluxury property in the center of Tehranit also has a modern fitness center, swimming pool, cafeteria and two restaurants, one with Mediterranean cuisine and the other with traditional Persian cuisine.

Another 5 star hotel I really like isLaleh International Hotel- the rooms and suites are elegantly furnished, spacious and equipped with Wi-Fi, and the bathrooms are bright and spacious.

Another refined option is deliciousHoweyzeh Hotel. It is located in one of the best parts of central Tehran, just a few steps from the Golestan Palace. Howeyzeh Hotel has 150 rooms, suites, VIP and double rooms.

Best Tehran Hotels and Where to Stay - The Crowded Planet (6)

The hotel's restaurant offers Iranian and non-Iranian cuisine and is open 24/7. Other services offered by the hotel include 4 banquet halls, saunas and Jacuzzi, facilities for the disabled, laundry service, SPA, free Wi-Fi in the lobby and in the rooms, and free parking.

My final choice in District 6 isHotel Sepand, offering super clean rooms with bathrooms and airport transfers. The strength of this hotel isfriendliness of staffready to help you with anything you need.

Where to Stay in Tehran on a Budget - District 7

District 7 is also located in the heart of Tehran.It houses the largest concentration of restaurants and cafes in Tehran - famous names includeHouse of Artists, Kafka Café, Remnes Café, Black and White Café, Baba Bozorg (Grandfather) Tea Room, Bagh-e Saba Tea Room, and a lot more.

Sohrevardi is a lovely neighborhood in District 7, located northeast of the city center. It is well connected to Tehran by metro and is probably the place to bebest place in Tehran for foodies!

The area is full of restaurants and cafes serving fine Middle Eastern and Persian cuisine, as well as plenty of street snacks. One thing is rightin District 7 you won't go hungry!

Best Hotels in Tehran, District 7

A cozy hostel in IranThis isone of the best hostels in town. With comfortable common spaces and real"family feeling"it's the right place to feel at home, even in Tehran.

It is also well locatedvisit the attractions of Tehransuch as the Grand Bazaar and Golestan Palace. The metro station is a 5-minute walk away and there is a wide range of restaurants in the area.

Best Tehran Hotels and Where to Stay - The Crowded Planet (7)

Another excellent guesthouseiHello hostel in Tehran. The building has a modern look and the rooms are clean and cozy. There are also common areas and a courtyard where guests can relax and chat.

Where to stay in Tehran with kids - District 2 and Tehran North

District 2 is adjacent tothe famous Azadi (Freedom) Square.and to the green gardens of Farahzad and Evin. This district used to be full of gardens and streams, but over the past twenty years, as the city has grown, more and more apartment buildings have sprung up.

Despite,District 2 is a quiet place (in the context of Tehran, of course)because most of it is still covered with parks. The northern part of Tehran is the part of the city that has the cleanest air and the most beautiful views of the mountains. Despite the fact that it is a bit further from the center, they make this place green, quiet and fresh airthe best option in Tehran for families with children.

Here you will findmost luxury hotels in Tehran, many restaurants and shopping centers.

Best Hotels in Tehran, District 2

In the northern part of Tehran you will findgreater concentration of luxury hotels.

Among themHotel Parsian Azadi(formerly Hotel Hyatt) stands out,has hosted distinguished guests for decades. It offers spacious rooms, equipped with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs with satellite channels, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, minibars and minibars.

Best Tehran Hotels and Where to Stay - The Crowded Planet (8)

As if that wasn't enough, so is the Parsianoffers numerous dining optionsand a wellness center with an indoor swimming pool, massage parlour, traditional bath and gym.

another famous hoteliHotel Palacio dos Espinhos- has elegantly furnished rooms in a traditional style and modern amenities that ensure guests a relaxing stay. The hotel also has several dining options, a spa and wellness centre, jacuzzi and gym.

Hotels in Tehran near the airport

If you wantimmediately leave for Shiraz orIsfahanshortly after arriving in Tehran overnight, the best option is to stop and spend the night inhotel near Imam Khomeini International Airport.

The good news is that there are two excellent hotels nearby!

The first choice is definitelyNovotel. It's a modern, luxurious hotel with an amazing advantage - you only need to cross one bridge to get there from the airport! In fact, it only takes 5 minutes from the airport exit to the hotel gates, so you don't even need to take a taxi.

In addition, first-class services and amenities make it one of thebest hotels in tehran.

The other hotel, also located opposite the terminal, isIbis Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport.

The Ibis is also modern and equipped with all amenities, has a restaurant serving Persian and international cuisine, and guests also have access to the fitness center and swimming pool of the neighboring Novotel hotel. It's a bit cheaper and less luxurious than Novotel butis another solid hotel choice in Tehran airport.


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