Marvin Essential Window Review: Best Window for Durability and Simple Design (Article) - Southwest Exteriors Blog (2023)

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Marvin Essential Window Review: Best Window for Durability and Simple Design (Article) - Southwest Exteriors Blog (1)

After living in your house for a while, you get tired of looking out the same old, worn windows over and over again.

You are not sure if you will live in the same house for the rest of your life, but you know that you will stay there for a long time. So when you're looking for replacement windows, you know you need something quality and durable.

You are not looking for the most ornate and majestic window, but something more elegant, more modern and simple.

As you carefully search for high-quality, durable windows with a minimalist design, you'll come across the Marvin Essential Window Collection. Mavin is one of the big names in the window replacement industry.

If they have such a good reputation, they must have big windows, right?

Before making a decision, you want to know more. How do Marvin windows really work? What are all the features? What things can I customize?

Southwest Exteriors has been a San Antonio window replacement business for over 30 years. We stock replacement windows from a number of different manufacturers to provide you with a wide range of options for all your needs.

We offer windows from the Marvin Essential Collection for their durability and classic design. However, we want to give you an unbiased and honest review of this collection to help you make the right choice for your project.

This article describes the material, durability, design options, energy efficiency, and warranty of the Marvin Essential Window Collection.

After reading, you'll know all about the Marvin Essential window and be able to determine if it's the right window for you.

About Marvin

Marvin is a manufacturer of doors and windows.which began in 1912 as a lumber and cedar company. Manufactured in Warroad, Minnesota, they have three main window collections: Signature, Elevate, and Essential.

Marvin's core values ​​are commitment to design, efficiency and sustainability.Its style is sleek and contemporary yet classic for a classy aesthetic.

What are Marvin Essential windows made of?

The material of a window is one of the most important features to consider when looking for replacement windows. The window frame material determines the durability of the window and how long it will last.

Marvin Essential windows are made of pultruded fiberglass.This type of fiberglass is a mixture of resin with fibers that form fiberglass to make the frame stronger than regular fiberglass.

How durable is the Marvin Essential fiberglass window? How long will it take?

The pultruded fiberglass fabricated for Marvin Essential windows is designed to withstand severe climates of variable temperatures.This means the window won't bend, warp or crack like vinyl when constantly exposed to hot and cold weather.

Fiberglass windows are some of the best for places with extreme weather, like Texas. Fiberglass frames are also highly resistant to dents and scratches.

All these components together make GRP windows extremely durable and very low maintenance.

If you are looking for a window that will withstand sun, rain, snow and hail, then the Marvin Essential window may be for you.A highly durable option for homes that live in harsh climates with constantly changing weather, this window will last a long time.

What can I customize on the Marvin Essential window?

After reviewing the material and durability of the Marvin Essential window, the next thing you want to know is what the window would look like.

Since replacement windows are such a big investment, you want to know what you can customize to make your windows unique. Even if you're not looking for the craziest and most outlandish designs, it's important to know your options.

window type options

The Marvin Essential window appearsseven different standard window types and shapes, from double-hung windows to casement windows, as well as a variety of special shapes for bay windows.

Marvin Essential Window Review: Best Window for Durability and Simple Design (Article) - Southwest Exteriors Blog (2)

Outer frame colors

Fiberglass frame exterior is available insix different colorsfrom light to dark and even forest green.

Custom colors are not available. So if you want to customize the color of the window, this window is not for you.

Marvin Essential Window Review: Best Window for Durability and Simple Design (Article) - Southwest Exteriors Blog (3)

Frame colors inside

HeMarvin Essential Inner Window Frameit is available in bronze, ebony and stone white. Bronze and Ebony colors are only available if you also choose the Bronze or Ebony exterior color.

This limits your interior color options. If you choose an exterior color other than bronze or ebony, your only option is a standard white.

Marvin Essential Window Review: Best Window for Durability and Simple Design (Article) - Southwest Exteriors Blog (4)

Hardware type and version

Marvin Essential window hardware comes in just three different lock styles for casement, sail, double and single casement windows.

Haysix finish options for your hardware, but the matte black color is only available with an ebony inner frame.

Marvin Essential Window Review: Best Window for Durability and Simple Design (Article) - Southwest Exteriors Blog (5)

grid and grid

The final design element to check for your windows is the louver patterns and louver options. Grids are the dividers in windows or grids that form a pattern or squares.

Typically, you can have interpane grilles, which are grilles between window panes, simulated split panes, where the pans are on the outside of the glass, or actual split panes, where the panes are pieces of real individual crystal.

For the Marvin Essential window, louvers between the glass are the only option for louvers. There's aVariety of standard grid patternsto choose from to create various rectangular patterns and simple designs.

Overall, the Marvin Essential window offers both standard and simplified customization options.If you have difficulty making decisions and are overwhelmed with too many options, this window may be perfect for you.

However, if you are looking for a fancy window that allows unlimited customization for every element of the window, then this window is not for you.

How easy is it to use Marvin Essential Windows?

Once you've chosen what kind of windows you want and how you want them to look, you need to make sure they're easy to use and work the way you want them to.

Due to the craftsmanship of Marvin Windows, you don't have to worry about operating your windows. There is a balance system on each window that keeps the window in place when opening and closing. This balance system is critical to how the window moves, how well it is made, and how long it lasts.

Whether you want a double-hung window on your second story for easy outdoor cleaning, or a single-hung window over your kitchen sink, Marvin windows are designed for quality functionality and ease of use.

How energy efficient are Marvin's Essential Windows?

When looking for replacement windows, you not only want them to match your style and look good, but you also want to be sure they will protect your home.

When it comes to energy efficiency, technically it measures how much ultraviolet light penetrates the glass and how much heat passes through. We will define these terms here.

UV portion

It measures the percentage of UV rays that penetrate through the window.The lower the UV level, the more UV rays will pass through and make your house warmer. UV rays are divided into three categories: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.

According to the International Ultraviolet Association, "ordinary glass (such as that used in windows) transmits ultraviolet radiation up to a wavelength of approximately 330 nanometers (nm) (UV-A)" and blocks almost 100% of UV-A rays through the window. Below 330nm it blocks the most damaging UV-B and UV-C rays.

The Marvin Essential window has 4% UV radiation, which means that only 4% of UV rays penetrate your window.

infrared percentage

This is the percentage of infrared rays that penetrate through a window.Britannica defines infrared rays as "that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that extends from the red or longwave end of the visible light spectrum to the microwave region."

These rays of light are invisible to the naked eye, but they generate heat like any other ray in the electromagnetic spectrum.

The Marvin Essential window has 0% infrared.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

This measures the amount of solar heat entering through a window, ranging from 0 to 1.The US Department of Energy's consumer resource, Energy Saver, says that the lower the SHGC, the less heat from the sun entering through a window, helping to keep your home warmer during a hot summer (and fall and spring if you are in Texas). Cold. .

With a low SHGC, your windows also won't radiate as much heat as they would with normal glass.

The Marvin Ultimate window has 0.27 SHGC.

Air Infiltration Assessment

This measures "how many cubic meters of air flow through a window per minute relative to the size of the window," according to a blog post by window maker Marvin.They recommend values ​​of less than 0.30 cubic feet per meter (cfm)/ft2 for a window.

Like heat rays coming through a window, air permeability rate has to do with insulation. The better your window is insulated, the less air will get in and out of your home at will.

The Marvin Essential window has an air infiltration rate of 0.25.

All of these measurements together ultimately determine how energy efficient a window will be.

When customizing your window, there is the option of adding additional coatings or additional glass panels to the glass that would increase the energy efficiency and insulation of your home.

Does Marvin Ultimate Windows have a good warranty?

Warranty is one of the key factors in determining the value of your new windows. You want to know if your window is covered if something goes wrong or breaks.

Marvin offers afully transferable limited warranty.Insurance coverage begins on the date of installation.

All components are insured against manufacturing defects. This means that any problem that arises because the product was not manufactured correctly is covered by the guarantee.

Damage to non-glass components, such as hardware, is covered for ten years.

Under this warranty, Marvin will repair, replace, or refund the product or window component.The way to solve the problem is in the hands of Marvin. Removal, installation, finishing, refinishing and removal costs and services are not included.


Exclusions in a warranty mean that the warranty is void if defects or problems arise from any of the following causes.The exclusions are:

  • incorrect installation

  • Lack of maintenance

  • acts of god

  • Improper moisture management.

  • Shortage of thermal energy

  • condensation

  • Corrosion

In general, including Marvin's limited warranty on window frames.Most window manufacturers offer a 20-year warranty on the frame components and a 10-year warranty on the glass. This makes Marvin a strong contender against the rest.

Our verdict: The Marvin Essential window is the best window for its durability and simple, elegant design

After reviewing the Marvin Essential window in terms of material, durability, design options, energy efficiency, and warranty, you now understand all the key features of the window and can determine if it's the window you're looking for.

The Marvin Essential window is extremely durable and designed for use in harsh climates. It offers many design options for a sleek and modern look. However, it is not the most customizable window.

If you are looking for a fiberglass window that will last as long as you live in your home and not worry about customizing every detail, then this window might be for you.

If you want a more elaborate window to display your unique design, this window may not be the best option for you. However, Marvin offers several window collections, such as:Marvin's Ultimate Collection, which could be more what you are looking for.

Find the right window for you

When looking for replacement windows, you should consider your wants, needs, and goals for your project.How important is energy efficiency to you? What kind of design customizations are you looking for? How much do you want to spend?

All of these questions are vitally important when searching for windows and finding the right one for you.

At Southwest Exteriors, we offer the highest quality window styles backed by quality installation and service. We provide and install Marvin Essential windows because they are some of the best fiberglass windows on the market and are perfect for San Antonio homes.

When you schedule a consultation with us, our primary goal is to guide you to the window that's right for you. We never offer you a product, andif we are not your contractual partner, we recognize this and want to help you find the right one.

As you shop for window replacements and consider which window might be right for you, you're probably wondering how much a window replacement project costs.Understanding the cost of your project is critical before proceeding so that you have realistic expectations for your product, installation, and warranty.

Check out this article and video about much does a window replacement cost and what factors influence the total costs.

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