Top 10 avant-garde funds for long-term investments (2023)

Top 10 avant-garde funds for long-term investments (1)

Vanguard funds can be a good investment for your portfolio if you want to invest in your future. You can choose from a wide range of high-quality, affordable mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and buy and hold them for the long term. These features make Vanguard funds an ideal choice for a wide range of investors.

Vanguard offers over 200 US funds (including variable annuity portfolios) and over 220 additional funds and ETFs in non-US markets.

main conclusions

  • Vanguard is a well-known investment company offering a wide range of funds that investors can buy and hold.
  • The best Vanguard funds have low spends that allow you to keep more returns.
  • From mutual funds to ETFs and targeted retirement funds, Vanguard is simply where you can invest your money for the long term.
  • Returns are never guaranteed, so before you start, learn the ins and outs of investing with Vanguard as well as how to choose the best funds for your investment goals.

Top 10 avant-garde backgrounds

Here are some of the best Vanguard funds to buy and store, in no particular order. After reviewing the funds, learn more about the pros and cons, long-term investing and how to choose the right funds for your needs.

Bottomexpense ratioMinimal investment
VTSAX0,04%3.000 $
WINX0,23%3.000 $
VFIAX0,04%3.000 $
VBTLX0,05%3.000 $
VGSTX0,31%1000 $
VIAX0,11%3.000 $
VIGAX0,05%3.000 $
VBIAX0,07%3.000 $
VIMAX0,05%3.000 $
Target pension fundsvariationvariation

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index (VTSAX)

Vanguard's VTSAX is a diversified stock index mutual fund. The fund offers exposure to the entire US equity market, including small, medium and large cap stocks. This mix includes over 4,000 stocks. The spend rate is 0.04%, or $4 for every $10,000 invested. The minimum initial investment is $3,000 for Admiral Shares.


Vanguard's VTSAX is also available as an ETF (VTI). The cost ratio of the ETF is 0.03% and the minimum investment is the price of one share.

Vanguard Wellesley Renda (VWINX)

VWINX is Vanguard's sustainable fund. It has a conservative (low risk) allocation of around 40% stocks and 60% bonds. VWINX may be the right choice for long-term investors with low risk tolerance or retired investors looking for income and growth. VWINX's cost ratio is 0.23%. The minimum initial investment is BRL 3,000.

Indeks Vanguard 500 (VFIAX)

This index fund tracks the S&P 500 index, so it holds about 500 of the largest US stocks. VFIAX shareholders gain exposure to stocks such as Apple (AAPL), Meta (META), Amazon (AMZN) and Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL), Google's parent company.

VFIAX is a smart choice for building a portfolio that includes other equity funds such as small and mid-cap funds. The VFIAX cost ratio is 0.04%. The minimum initial investment is BRL 3,000.


VFIAX is also available as an ETF (VOO). The cost ratio is 0.03% and the minimum investment is equal to the price of one share.

Vanguard Total Bond Market Index (VBTLX)

Long-term investing is often associated with stocks, but most investors will need to invest part of their portfolios in bonds.

VBTLX is a smart choice for the same reason as most other index funds. They are well varied and inexpensive. The VBTLX portfolio consists of over 10,000 US government bonds and corporate bonds. The VBTLX cost factor is 0.05%. The minimum initial investment is BRL 3,000.


VBTLX is also available as an ETF. The Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (BND) has a spending ratio of 0.03%. The minimum investment is equal to the price of one share.

Vanguard STAR Fund (VGSTX)

You may have noticed that you will need $3,000 to start investing in most Vanguard funds, but VGSTX has a lower minimum of just $1,000. It is also known as a "fund of funds", which means it invests in other mutual funds, all under one fund option.

The STAR fund invests in a diverse mix of 10 Vanguard funds, making it a solid option for beginner investors or those looking for a single fund solution. The spend ratio is 0.31%, but Vanguard says funds with similar portfolios have an average spend ratio of 0.84%, making their fund less expensive.

Vanguard Total International Stock Market Index (VTIAX)

Most investors will includeinternational equity fundsto build a complete long-term portfolio. VTIAX is one of Vanguard's best funds for this purpose.

VTIAX tracks an index that includes nearly 8,000 non-US stocks. It covers both developed and emerging markets. Shareholders can gain exposure to the entire non-US stock market for a cost factor of 0.11%. The minimum initial investment is BRL 3,000.


Traders can also take advantage of the index at the expense of stocks such as the Vanguard Total International Stock ETF (VXUS), with a lower cost index of 0.07%.

Vanguard Growth Index (VIGAX)

Investors who are willing to take more risk for higher returns than broad market indices may be interested in VIGAX. This index fund holds growth large-cap stocks that have outperformed the S&P 500 in the past, especially over periods of 10 years or more. Expenses with VIGAX are 0.05%. The minimum initial investment is BRL 3,000.


VIGAX is also available as a Vanguard Growth ETF (VUG) with a fee of 0.04% and a minimum investment of one share.

Vanguard Balanced Index (VBIAX)

Vanguard has a small but very good selectionbalanced funds—mutual funds or ETFs investing in stocks and bonds. VBINX has a moderate allocation (medium risk) of around 60% stocks and 40% bonds. The stock market part invests in the total stock market index. The bond portion invests in the total bond index. Expenses are 0.07%. The minimum initial investment is BRL 3,000.

Vanguard Mid-Cap Index (VIMAX)

Historically, small and mid-cap stocks have outperformed large-cap stocks over the long term, but mid-cap stocks may be the smarter choice of the three. While mid-cap stocks generally carry higher market risk, they tend to carry less risk than small-cap stocks.

Investors often consider midcaps to be the best place to invest because of their return on risk. VIMAX has a low cost ratio of 0.05%. The minimum initial investment is BRL 3,000.


The same combination is also available as a Vanguard Mid-Cap ETF (VO), with an spend fee of 0.04% and a minimum investment of the price of one share.

Target Vanguard Retirement Funds

there are a fewTarget Vanguard Retirement Fundschoose from. Some investors reasonably consider this type of investment to be exclusive. As the name suggests, the strategy of these funds is geared towards a specific target retirement year of the fund.

For example, Vanguard Target Retirement2040 (VFORX) has an asset allocation of approximately 80% stocks and 20% bonds across four Vanguard funds, which is roughly appropriate for an investor who will retire around 2040. The spending ratio is 0.08%. and a minimum investment of $1,000.If you do not intend to retire closer to 2065, Vanguard Target Retirement2065 (VLXVX) may be more appropriate. It includes four other Vanguard funds, with a spend ratio of 0.08% and a minimum investment of $1,000.


Vanguard Target Retirement Funds are a good option for investors looking to buy and hold a mutual fund until retirement. Some planners call these funds "set and forget" because you don't have to create or manage a portfolio of funds.

Pros and Cons of Vanguard Funds

There are some pros and cons when it comes to investing in Vanguard Mutual Funds, but that's the case with any mutual fund company.


  • Cheap funds capable of replicating the results of a given market index

  • Bond funds and international equity funds can provide good diversification

  • Many mutual funds are also available as ETFs with a lower minimum investment requirement.


  • Long-term mutual funds mean leaving money in the account for years

  • The large number of backgrounds means you'll need to do more research

  • Many funds require a minimum investment of $3,000

Are you a long-term investor?

Decide if you are a long-term investor before you buy Vanguard funds.

You can hear 10 different explanations of what the term "long-term" means if you talk to 10 different financial planners. You would be long-term if you were at least 10 years old before you had to start withdrawing from your accounts. This also applies to long-term bonds and long-term bond funds.


If you want to save for a future purchase, such as a car or a house, investing in long-term mutual funds may not be the right strategy. consider anothershort-term investmentsand savings products such ascertificates of deposit (CD).

Retired investors can make the common mistake of thinking of themselves as "short-term" investors. They can make withdrawals to increase their retirement income, but they can easily have a life expectancy of at least another 10 years. The average life expectancy in the United States is 77 years.

You will still have 12 years to invest if you retire at 65 and live to be 77. Depending on your sources of income and overall financial situation, you will need to invest at least some of your retirement assets in long-term investments, which may include equity mutual funds.

Choosing the right funds for your needs

The best long-term investments are usually equity mutual funds, especially index funds.


Mutual funds can be a good choice if you have at least three years before you start withdrawing.

Index funds also make wise choices when it comes to long-term investments. from the avant-gardeindex fundsare among the best options for long-term investors. They attracted so much assets that Vanguard became the largest mutual fund company in the world.

Vanguard index funds make wise choices for long-term investments as index funds arepassively managed. they have more bassspending ratiosCoactively managed funds. They also offer a long-term performance advantage as their cost ratios are very low. This is because most active fund managers fail to beat major market indices for more than 10 years.

You can also invest in funds that match the market at a lower cost, rather than trying to beat the market. Beating the market is very hard to achieve consistently over the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best Vanguard funds for retirees?

The best Vanguard funds for retirees will depend on your age and risk tolerance. This means that the best fund may be a balanced or income fund if you are younger, or a bond ormutual fund target dateif you are older.

Which Vanguard mutual fund will provide the best capital gains?

In general, the greater the risk, the greater the likelihoodcapital gains. If you are comparing two equity funds, you may have a higher probability of capital gains with growth funds or small cap funds than with dividend funds or blue chip funds. Remember that the opportunity for capital gains also exposes you to potential capital losses.

Balance does not provide tax, investment or financial advice or services. The information is presented without regard to the investment objectives, risk tolerance or financial situation of a particular investor and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investing involves risk, including possible loss of capital.

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